Every atWork user gets first class support regardless of having the “atWork Plus” extension or not. We respect every one of you.

Our atWork team is small yet mighty. We work around the clock to help you with everything from general time tracking questions to app support. Write to us on support@atworkapp.com, day or night, and we’ll typically reply within 24 hours. For very urgent cases even faster.

We are also available on Twitter.

atWork wurde so konzipiert, dass keine persönlichen Informationen gesammelt werden. Wir geben Ihre Daten aus keinem Grund an Drittanbieter weiter. Darüber hinaus ist atWork DSGVO-konform.

Wir glauben, dass Datentransparenz ein wichtiger Berührungspunkt ist, um eine gesunde Beziehung zwischen dem App-Hersteller und ihren Benutzern aufzubauen. Aus diesem Grund möchten wir Sie bitten, sich ein paar Minuten Zeit zu nehmen und die relevanten Datenschutzaspekte im Folgenden zu prüfen.

Welche Daten sammeln wir?

Da für die Nutzung von atWork kein Konto erforderlich ist, werden keine personenbezogenen Daten wie Ihr Name, Ihre E-Mail-Adresse, Ihre Rechnungsadresse oder Ihre Telefonnummer abgefragt.

Wir sehen Ihre E-Mail-Adresse und einen damit verbundenen Namen erst dann, wenn Sie uns eine E-Mail schreiben. Sicherlich können Sie eine beliebige E-Mail-Adresse verwenden, mit welcher Sie uns kontaktieren möchten. Sie können mit uns auch via Twitter Kontakt aufnehmen, falls Sie Ihre E-Mail-Adresse nicht mit uns teilen möchten. …

With atWork you can create a workplace to fully automate your time tracking.

Once you defined such a place you don’t have to worry about clocking in and out because it will be done in the background when you arrive or leave a certain location. There are more possibilities to setup like changing a default radius to make sure you cover your geographical area of work or defining your categories associated with this workplace.

You will get a push notification so that you can control the time and the workplace without the need to open the app. By tapping this notification the entry will be opened and you can adjust things like a note or any personal attributes like a status “Paid”. …

atWork is designed in the way to require less personal information than other apps. In fact, we do not share your data with any third party tools for any reason. Moreover, atWork is fully GDPR compliant.

We believe data transparency is an important touchpoint to build up the healthy relationship between the app makers and their users. That’s why we would like you to take a couple of minutes and review relevant data privacy aspects below.

Which data do we collect?

As there is no account required to use atWork we do not ask for any personal data like your real name, email address, billing address or phone number. …

Get all your app data into a spreadsheet within seconds. Here is an example of data export as a CSV file:

Image for post
Image for post
Generated CSV file in Apple Numbers

You can export your data for a specific client or a time frame:

  1. Tap the filter icon
  2. Set a filter
  3. Afterward, tap the export icon

Where did the time go? atWork makes it easy to track your working hours, overtime and earnings to help bring your productivity to new levels. Track your tasks and projects to see exactly where your time went. And how much you earned for it. Create a customized timesheet that covers all your timekeeping needs — perfect for freelancers, employees, hourly workers or anyone looking to show time management who’s boss.

So, ready to make your time work for you?

• Start and stop the timer for easy time tracking
• Log hours worked later if you forget (don’t worry, it happens)
• Watch the timesheet calculator work out your earnings and overtime automatically — magic!
• Assign each time entry to a client, project and task
• Track your average earnings per hour
• Keep your data safe with backup to iCloud or manually via email
• Sync to your Apple Watch to track time and add notes on the go
• COMING SOON: Automatic location-based time…

There is nothing more important than your data. All your entries, categories, special days and more. Everything you’ve added, everything that gives you an overview of how many hours you’ve worked and how much money you’ve earned.

By default, your data will be stored locally on your device. That’s why we recommend you to activate iCloud backup (More > Backup) to have the possibility to access your data from any other device which is logged in into your App Store account. Please select “Daily” as a time period to make sure you have the latest copy of your data. …


atWork Time Tracking

atWork makes it easy to track your working hours, overtime, and earnings to help bring your productivity to new levels. Get it here: https://apple.co/3eBdUoc.

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