There is nothing more important than your data. All your entries, categories, special days and more. Everything you’ve added, everything that gives you an overview of how many hours you’ve worked and how much money you’ve earned.

By default, your data will be stored locally on your device. That’s why we recommend you to activate iCloud backup (More > Backup) to have the possibility to access your data from any other device which is logged in into your App Store account. Please select “Daily” as a time period to make sure you have the latest copy of your data. Backup copies are not taking much space and you can always delete them later by using iCloud Drive app.

Once you activated this option, your backup copy will be automatically saved to iCloud in a selected time period. It happens also once the app version will be updated. It prevents any rare issues during the updating process.

You can always import your data straight from iCloud with one click if you have a new device by going to More > Backup > Import Your Backup.

Don’t wait, do it now. Keep your data safe.

atWork makes it easy to track your working hours, overtime, and earnings to help bring your productivity to new levels. Get it here:

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